Developing archives – Northern Collaboration Learning Exchange

The day is summarised at

Although chairing/hosting/speaking (and so close to the event), I found the key themes of the day were

  • the importance of clear priorities and plans/strategies for implementing these – preferably aligned to those of the parent institution!
  • Getting the balance between the imaginative use of opportunities, taking calculated risks whilst still keeping sight of the needs of collections and users
  • Focussing on simple ways of doing things and not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good – closely linked to the previous one
  • using tools for service improvement – like accreditation, customer service excellence, and models like the SSC dependency model developed by Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan

And finally

  • the virtuous circle of ambition and courage to do things differently/say yes or no, based on unique and distinctive collections and a commitment by staff to have these used.

Not entirely sure how the obvious appetite for collaboration might be satisfied but for now, lots of goodwill is encouraging: I love working in the HE sector (even if it’s made me too busy to post for nearly a year…may do some catching up soon)