Ruskin round-up

A collection of some of the principal links in the “Ruskin archive scandal” (to use the College’s description).

Hilda Kean’s blog posts
1st, 11th, 19th Oct
4th Oct 2012

Freedom of Information request 4th Oct 2012 (ongoing)

Telegraph article 5th oct 2012

Letters to the Guardian 8th Oct 2012

Statement from Ruskin 10th Oct 2012

Denise Pakeman 16th Oct 2012

Eversheds’ legal advice to Ruskin 21st Oct 2012
Note that this appears to be on the premise that personal data would be processed by another organisation – ie transferred?

Guardian editorial 28th Oct 2012

Letters to the Guardian 29th Oct 2012

Ruskin’s facebook page throughout October   Note the commentary on both sides, and that the “About” page contains the comments “We reserve the right to remove any posts that may appear to be abusive or offensive in any way. Any such posts, including swearing or libellous statements will be removed without warning” before describing its mission & organisational description [suggestive of an organisation feeling under siege??]

Discussions on listservs
And probably others

Wikipedia edit pages for Ruskin College  and its Principal  [see comments]

Petitions supported by (among others) London Socialist Historians Group, Prospect, the Historical Association, Education Activist Network

Toby Butler’s blogpost at was published towards the end of October, but is being updated.


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