Archives without Borders/Archivos sin Fronteras

In 2010, KVAN, the Dutch association for archivists, and VVBAD, the Flemish association for archivists and librarians, organized the international congress Archives without Borders/Archivos sin Fronteras in the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands. This conference focused on the importance of archives for good governance in an international context, in order to emphasize that archives are not only important from a cultural point of view, but from the perspective of efficient management practices as well.

The key question of Archives without Borders/Archivos sin Fronteras was therefore, considering the globalizing world: what is the role of archival professionals to (continue to) provide access to government information, and how can the remaining boundaries be removed as much as possible? Congress debate centered on four main themes: ‘Archival Solidarity’, ‘Human Rights and Archives’, ‘Cross-border Archives’, and ‘Archives: Formation of the Nation State and National Identity’.

Two years later, the proceedings of Archives without Borders have been published. The volume (388 pages) contains 32 contributions from archivists from all over the world, including essays from keynote speakers Antonio González Quintana, Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Gabriela Salazar, Nathan Mnjama and Eric Ketelaar.

The book is partly in English, partly in Spanish (abstracts in both languages are included).You can order your copy here.

This was a great iniative – what a shame this appears to be the only means by which Archives without Borders was/is disseminated.  The website remains at


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