Food for thought: RM feeds

I’ve used netvibes for about 5 years now to organise my RSS feeds – the different tabs work really well for me.  Thanks to Jane Stevenson over at the Archives Hub for first recommending netvibes!

Currently the feeds on my records management tab include

James Lappin Thinking Records – James posts regularly, always thoughtful and insightful.  Particularly helpful on sharepoint.  Recent post on MOREQ & OAIS is a rare RM take on the whole records continuum/recordkeeping profession thing.

Steve Bailey Records Management Futurewatch – Steve’s been a bit quiet recently, but is always thought-provoking if not deliberately controversial 🙂

And then the tables of contents of

Records Management Journal and

Information Management Journal

I’m lucky to belong to an institution that subscribes to both Journals (as well as being on the editorial board for RMJ), so no problems with access.  I use both journals for horizon-scanning, case studies and for an international perspective to peer-reviewed research in the field.

However, having had a cull of moribund bloggers, this list now seems a bit thin – who’s missing?


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