Back to work…

I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging – well, it is the summer (or what passed for it in the UK), and so we’ve been on holiday.  August is usually quite quiet in the University – many staff are on holiday, there are very few students around – so it’s often a time for catching up, getting ahead or simply taking stock.

The last couple of weeks have been spent in some hard last-minute work on my forthcoming paper on appraisal for the Society of Archivists’ conference next week – hopefully it will pay off!  I’ve caught up with a lot of reading as well, much for my paper.  As there won’t be time when I’m speaking to reference everything fully, here’s some of the background reading.  In keeping with the topic, this is not an exhaustive list – ie it’s selective…

Bailey, S, Managing the crowd: rethinking records management for the web 2.0 world, Facet Publishing 2008>
And Steve’s blog over at

Boles, F. “’Just a bunch of bigots’: a case study in the acquisition of controversial material”, Archival Issues 19 no.1, 1994

Cumming, K. “Ways of seeing: contextualising the continuum”, Records Management Journal vol. 20, no.1, 2010

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Green, M.A., Boles, F., Bruemmer, B. & Daniels-Howell, T.J. “The archivist’s new clothes; or, the naked truth about evidence, transactions, and recordness” 2004 – available at (last accessed 27/8/10)

Greene, M.A. “The power of meaning: the archival mission in the postmodern age”, The American Archivist 65, Spring/Summer 2002

Hosker, R. & Richmond, L. “Seek and destroy: an archival appraisal theory and strategy” in Tough, A. & Moss, M. (ed.s) Recordkeeping in a hybrid environment, Chandos, 2006

Hutchinson, A. Public Statement of the Policy Ombudsman under section 62 of the Policy (Northern Ireland) Act 1998 relating to the RUC investigation of the alleged involvement of the late Father James Chesney in the bombing of Claudy on 31 July 1972,  2010, available at (accessed 25/8/10)

Jimerson, R.C. “Archives and memory”, OCLC Systems & Services 19, 3, 2003

Jimerson, R.C. “Archives for all: professional responsibility and social justice”, The American Archivist 70, Fall/Winter 2007

Jimerson, R.C. “Deciding what to save”, OCLC Systems & Services 19, 4, 2003

Kaplan, E. “We are what we collect, we collect what we are: archives and the construction of identity”, The American Archivist 63, Spring/Summer 2000

Lindeburg, K. “Where best practice recordkeeping ends, corruption begins: the Heiner affair” available at (last accessed 27th August 2010) **

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Manning, Kate “III Coloquio Interncional de Ciencias de la Documentación; III Congreso de Archivos de Castilla y León, Universidad de Salamanca, 9-11 October 2002 ‘The Refined Art of Destruction: the appraisal and disposal of records’”, ARC, December 2002

Meehan, J. “The archival nexus: rethinking the interplay of archival ideas about the nature, value and use of records”, Archival Science 9, 2009

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Prom, C Practical e-records blog at

Serewicz, L.W. “Do we need bigger buckets or better search engines? – the challenge of unlimited storage and semantic web search for records management”, Records Management Journal vol. 20, no.2, 2010

Shepherd, E. & Yeo, G. Managing records: a handbook of principles and practice Facet Publishing, 2003

Valtonen, M.R. “Documentation in pre-trial investigation: a study of using the records continuum model as a records management tool”, Records Management Journal vol. 17, no.3, 2007

Williams, C. “The research imperative and the responsible recordkeeping professional”, Records Management Journal vol. 17, no.3, 2007

There’s some really thought-provoking and inspiring writing and thinking represented here.  I only hope I can do justice to it.

** with thanks to @HicksShauna whose link on twitter serendipitously reminded me of this commentary on the Heiner affair.


3 thoughts on “Back to work…

  1. Sarah,

    what an excellent list of resources – many of which I have not come across!
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us – maybe you will also share your conference talk slides after the conference?

  2. Dear Sarah

    Without gainsay, I am pleased that you have cited my Easter 2010 article commissioned by the Records Management Association of Australasia on the unresolved Heiner Affair.

    Yur readers may like to know that since 2009 it has been taught in all Queensland sceondary schools and colleges to Years 11 and 12 students studying Business, Communications and Technology, and, also, in Legal Studies.

    It has may political, legal, constitutional, administrative rammifications.

    The Heiner Affair shows how one illegal shredding act at the highest levels of government, if not properly addressed, can virtually bring an entire system of government to the point of colladse.

    It can render government by the rule of law a meaningless concept.

    It demonstrates what a critically important role any National/State/Federal Archivist plays in a democracy.

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