I’ve had the pleasure of visiting two brand-spanking new repositories in the last couple of months: Glamorgan Archives and Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives + Hull University Archives).  Unfortunately I forgot my camera both times so pictures are from their websites:

Glamorgan Archives

Glamorgan Archives

Hull History Centre

Hull History Centre

Staff at both were justifiably proud of their new facilities.  I was especially impressed by

  • Glamorgan’s super-flexible furniture (chairs that become tables, desk units to go)
  • Hull’s arcade & park
  • Hull’s unisex loos
  • Glamorgan’s environmental buffer zone
  • Glamorgan’s conservation suite (with the most amazing light wall – worth a picture, guys!)
  • Hull’s archives search room
  • Glamorgan’s atrium
  • Hull’s plate glass negs storage (I know, nerd or what but it pleased me)

There were some things I didn’t like too, but politeness forbids.. Both repositories could do with a website refresh now the buildings have been open a bit I thought too!

Photos of Hull’s build are on facebook – there don’t seem to be any of the open/finished building yet though.

Glamorgan have a flickr stream again showing images from the build, and some of the building in use.

My visit to Hull was as part of an Archives & Records Association training day (organised by the Northern Region’s Lizzy Baker) on new buildings.  Lots of useful information including from Chris Kitching, and in the MAPLE group.   The visit to Glamorgan was with LLUK’s constituency panel for libraries, archives & information services.


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