They think it’s all over: week 10 and the 25th Thing

o letter V letter E letter R number 2 number 5

First of all, a huge thank you to the 25 Things Tsars for running the programme! – it’s been a good experience.  And also to my fellow Thingers who’ve shared their thoughts, their delicious favourites (and coffee/cake) and their ideas about some of the Things.

I’ve enjoyed being pushed to explore a few Things, and to see what other Thingers think about them.  I’ll definitely be carrying on using the Things I was using before – blogging (normal service will resume shortly, records/archives readers!), twitter, RSS feeds.  I’m converted to delicious, image generators/mashup things that other clever people have created (the image was created by Spell with Flickr), wikis – to a limited extent :-), podcasts.   I’ve started a wiki for a joint work project outside the organisation, and I’m dipping a toe in the water with a short podcast about continuing professional development and registration.  So the positives definitely are in the majority (insert your own joke here about the recent UK election depending on your inclinations).

I’m half grateful and half cross for being driven onto Facebook – it’s definitely a good addition for publicity for Choral, and I am definitely learning much (so much) more about the minutiae of the lives of my far-flung relations and also friends within this building and beyond.   (It’s been a long afternoon:  I originally typed “livers” then – which is probably also applicable).  But I have privacy concerns which have been borne out by recent developments.  Similar concerns with Google Earth/Maps/Docs – can see benefits but also serious negatives.

There were some things I couldn’t be bothered with – YouTube is occasionally useful for work – but I find the vein of cruelty and piracy running through the majority of the videos I’ve seen not a good thing.  LibraryThing wasn’t for me (but I have made a start in arranging my books by colour at home…).

The main reason for pursuing the 25 Things was to make myself understand what is the recent past, the present, and part of the future in my professional life.  Like it or not, understand it or not, records managers and archivists are going to have to deal with web 2.0 – at least insofar as we’ll have to deal with deal with people creating and using and expecting information and records to be available and usable in a web 2.0 like way.  Another time I’ll try and summarise the main issues in an HE setting.   For now I’ve realised that to make a difference as a records manager and archivist I have nowhere near the amount of technical knowledge I think I would need to have a sensible (?!) conversation with a techie/techies to explain what tools are needed for records to continue to be available for use (both physically and “intellectually” available).   Any suggestions from readers as to where to go next?


2 thoughts on “They think it’s all over: week 10 and the 25th Thing

  1. Thanks for this – I have been slowly forcing myself into these Web2.0 forums and wondered about the benefits of some, had doubts about others and so on. Glad to see that I am not the only one.

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