25 things week 9: Library Thing, YouTube and podcasts

Quite a lot of the 25 things to do this week! – so I’m a week behind.

I played with Library Thing a couple of years ago – but I’m afraid I couldn’t be bothered.  I love books.  I love reading.  I love talking about books with other people.   I even love rearranging the books on my shelves (can’t persuade my other half to let me arrange them by colour, just to see how it looks).  But I don’t really get playing with book metadata online for fun.  So I’m sorry 25 Things Tsars, I’ve done everything you asked until now but I’m ducking out of Library Thing this time around.

Having done a lot of archival cataloguing and digitisation of originals in my work life, and benefited from other people’s cataloguing it’s not that I don’t believe in sharing content and information.  I just don’t have the kind of fun with Library Thing that other people do.

There’s some good stuff on YoutTube.  There’s also an awful lot of rubbish.  And a lot of piracy.  Here’s an example of the latter from one of my favourite episodes of my all-time favourite TV show.  The content is fab but the picture/sound quality is rubbish.  Now there has to be a reason for that…

Podcasts are handy in theory.  In practice they vary – as with conference presentations, lectures, committee meetings etc.  Too long, too monotonous a tone of voice, too waffly  and they become a lazy way of someone communicating.  Interview format ones are good.  I find I have to make myself concentrate and not multi-task while a podcast is on (note not “while I’m listening”).   Commuting by public transport is probably a good time to catch up – and I’m not sure listening to podcasts is a strong enough reason to drive me back to the train and a workbase anything more than 2 miles from home.

Here are a couple of the work-related podcasts I subscribe to:

Records Management Today

Act Now (Freedom of Information decisions)


One thought on “25 things week 9: Library Thing, YouTube and podcasts

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you very much for mentioning Orkney Archive on your blog and on twitter!

    All my books and DVDs are colour coded and it looks so much better, ignore your other half and go for it…

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