Inspiring Archives for All

Two really inspiring issues of the Society of Archivists’ ARC magazine (March 2010 and April 2010) on community archives and heritage and on archives in education and learning.  Some great case studies included – it’s issues like this that remind us we don’t celebrate the positive stories nearly enough.

Not available online immediately, so non-members will have to check back in a couple of weeks – or join up.

Not a lot mentioned (ok, 400 words isn’t much!) about evaluation of activity, though – having been out of this area of work for a couple of years now are we still using ILFA, or still debating about what and how to evaluate?  If parent organisations are going to be persuaded to freeze funding, let alone not cut it, impact and outcomes beyond the immediate participants need to be considered and presented?


2 thoughts on “Inspiring Archives for All

  1. Thanks for this: glad someone still using ILFA – I used it a lot in previous jobs, and thought it was a good tool. Also was involved in piloting “Generic Social Outcomes” but these seem to have been abandoned (?). The lack of references to the framework recently on the listserv and in the case studies in these ARC magazines and others made me wonder if it was being ignored though!

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