25 things week 5: tagging, del.icio.us and technorati

del.icio.us is really useful to me at a practical, personal level – I use two browsers at work (although one is better than the other, the other one works better with wisdom…) and then also at home. Part of me loves the free form, unstructured nature of tagging – and the information manager part wonders what is lost by not combining it with something more structured?!  It’s the old information thesaurus construction story “learning USE education, formal”.

which is to be master?

As friends and regular readers (are these mutually exclusive groups?!) might expect, I’m reasonably pro-active with managing my tags – and also differentiating between the ephemeral, one-off thing bookmarked ad hoc for a particular purpose…

I’ve been daring enough to actually delete my bookmarks in firefox & internet explorer and just to use del.icio.us – to make myself get into the habit of using it, to stop myself getting confused, and to save space… (I’m such a records manager).  I’m less enamoured so far with the sharing side of del.icio.us, though – not enough CONTEXT to many bookmarks (I’m such an archivist) and too many alternative tags possible to be totally reliable as my only source of information – although it is a useful source.

Had an initial explore of technorati and plan to spend a bit more time with it.  Glancing at the top 100 blogs made me realise the importance of “branding” or naming your blog in picking up casual traffic – current top 5 displayed are The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, The Corner on National Review… and Engadget.  I’ve heard of the Huffington Post (ironically by reading newspapers and listening to Radio 4….) but from seeing these other names wouldn’t have much of an idea as to what they are about.  And am possibly unlikely to bother to find out more.  Headline writing is definitely an art, and one which The Sun excels at (whatever you think of the paper…).

And guess what? – technorati has a hierarchical directory too with some kind of controlled terminology…

technorati directory 31st March 10


3 thoughts on “25 things week 5: tagging, del.icio.us and technorati

  1. Agreed – for me it’s the portability of delicious that’s the biggest gain. As for the sharing – I don’t often monitor my network or chase after the most popular items. However, I have used it to bundle up links and communicate them easily, for instance instead of course notes following training.

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  3. just had a really satisfying tag sort out – to postpone having to go out into hurricane winds, snow & hail…

    Good idea on communicating links after training – will have a play with this. Thanks for the tip.

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