A bit of wisdom on the web

Recently we launched a service which publishes the University’s programme (course)  specification documents from the edrms (wisdom) to the web. You can see the service at http://halo.hud.ac.uk/ProgrammeGuides/.  Obvious advantages not least in having a single source of authoritative information and being able to use the version control features of the edrms to keep up with any changes to the programmes made during the quality review process.

We’ve received a grant from JISC to pilot a tool the JISCInfonet Records Management team have developed for measuring the impact of change initiatives (I’ve blogged previously about their work).   This is the initiative we’re looking at.  The project is about half-way through and will complete in June.  You can find out more about the tool and the five other pilot projects here; JISCInfonet will be publishing the results of the pilots in due course.  Meanwhile  I’ll blog occasionally about our experiences, and will also be speaking at the Cimtech conference about our project and using the tool.

I’ll spare you the rest of the post about this development as an example of records continuum thinking.


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