Imagining the 21st century archivist: new strategies for education and training (CITRA 41)

I’ll be attending the International Council on Archives round table on archival education & training next week

The full programme is available from the website, but here’s a summary:

Key note speech: Past for the Future: Some Thoughts on the Preservation, Accessibility, and Divulgation of Knowledge.

Plenary session 1 What do employers expect from archivists today?

Parallel session 1 Developing a competency model
Parallel session 2 Developing a training policy
Parallel session 3 What is the relevance of archival education and training for indigenous and marginalized communities?

Plenary session 2 Training and education: what have we got and what is needed?

Parallel session 4 Training in developing countries, needs and expectations
Parallel session 5 Associations and professional development
Parallel session 6 Sharing of expertise and mutual benefit-learning from other professionals

Plenary session 3 Developing new curricula and training programs to meet the challenges of the modern profession

Parallel session 7 New developments in archival training courses
Parallel session 8 A new Vision and a new Tool for Training Trainers
Parallel session 9 Certification: What is the Need? What are the Benefits?

Plenary session 4 Archival education: our vision for the 21st century

Parallel session 10 Online education and training programs, an opportunity to be developed
Parallel session 11 Continuing professional development (CPD)
Parallel session 12 Mentoring, a different way to train new professionals

The whole thing wraps up with conclusions on Friday 20th, then the Section on Professional Education & Training will meet on Saturday 21st.

I’m speaking in parallel sessions 9 and 12 (luckily they’re not parallel with each other!) – unfortunately this means I’ll have to miss sessions 7 on archival training/education and 11 on continuing professional development (CPD), both topics dear to my heart.

Attendance at CITRA is by invitation only, but this year there seems to be quite a large contingent from the UK and Ireland compared to previous years.  I plan to blog & twitter (@msarahwickham) during CITRA – please let me know if there are any points/questions you’d like me to raise or any subjects of particular interest in the programme.


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